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Silk Essence Conditioner

Rich Moisture CreamClick Here To Order

Silk Essence Conditioner is a nutrient rich, lightweight, high-gloss conditioner that moisturizes and detangles your hair, while enhancing and protecting hair color.

Silk Essence Conditioner contains Silk Sericin that adds protein to damaged hair sites. Sericin is refined from the silkworm’s body, pod and silk. Sericin includes 18 kinds of amino acids, out of which all are essential to the human body, thus being an excellent protein. Sericin is used as the chief ingredient of conditioners. This conditioner combines with the protein in your hair and scalp to ensure silkier and smoother hair. It has excellent moisture absorption and preservative properties. Sericin protein develops a film on the surface of the scalp so that the water beneath can be preserved, giving moisture to your hair. It makes your hair soft and glossy, and it also helps in the shaping of hair. Meanwhile, it will not adhere to hair, repairing and banishing split ends. It helps to detangle easily by fortifying individual hair strands instead of coating it with plastics.

Silk Essence Conditioner is a naturally balanced conditioner formulated to re-hydrate moisture-starved hair. It contains fresh water silt that supplies phytonutrients and microfine minerals where they are required in the hair and scalp to provide maximum luster. Fresh water silt re-hydrates cuticles to prevent tangles and frizzies. It constitutes all natural ingredients that protect your hair from the drying action of the sun and harm caused by heat during styling. For optimum results deep condition your hair and nourish it with this natural and nutrient-rich conditioner that is ideal for everyday use.

It is specifically formulated to treat your hair after use of perm or color chemicals. Also can be applied on hair as a moisturizer mask. Silk Essence is one of the pure and nutritional hair formulations that revitalizes your hair in a natural way.


  • It moisturizes, revitalizes and energizes hair and scalp in two minutes.
  • It helps to seal hair cuticles to retain color and shine.
  • It also intensifies the brilliance and vitality of hair color.
  • It enhances manageability.
  • It helps to rejuvenate sluggish scalp and dull, brittle hair; also helps hair retain shine.
  • It helps to keep your hair silky soft with an incredible brilliant high-gloss finish.
  • It provides deep conditioning and extra protection to skin and hair when applied as a leave-on conditioner.
  • It helps to enhance volume and luster to all hair types.
  • It fortifies individual hair strands instead of coating it with plastics.
  • It can also be left on hair as a moisturizer mask.



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