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Purifying Mist

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The air around us is polluted, due to pollution there is almost always a pungent smell and on top of that, smells from various food products, pet animals always lingers in the house. After a hard days work,when one just wants to sit and relax the pungent smell can cause a head ache. Even while traveling by plane, bus or even your own vehicle the smell might cause motion sickness. At times we wish that we had a handy spray to just eliminate the odor. Children strew their clothes,socks, shoes around, and however clean you pet might be at times it lets out wet smell. After peeling either garlic or onion the smell lingers on the hands for hours altogether, no amount of washing eliminates the smell. In such a situation room freshener comes in handy. But most of the room fresheners are made up of chemical substance, they contain harmful ingredients which might effect the body. Room fresheners made up of artificial ingredients might contain chlorine, artificial fragrance which at times might cause allergies.

One might just breath in the toxin released in the air after the spray of room freshener. In such a case, switch over to dual-action Purifying Mist. It solves two purposes at a time. It deodorizes the room as well as neutralizes the smell.

The Purifying Mist has been formulated with all natural ingredients. It does not contain harmful chemicals such as: chlorine, quaternary compounds, triclosan, or nasal-numbing agents. Purifying Mist contains natural ingredients such as; Bio-Enhanced Grapefruit Seed Extract™ (BGSE®), stabilized Oxygen, Oleic Fatty Acid (vegetable-derived)and a trace measure of Lavender Essential Oil. These natural components safely purify the environment without chemical disinfectants. The dual action Purifying Mist is so safe that it can be used anywhere, it can be sprayed even on hands,shoes, kitten box etc to remove odors. You can even spray, this natural, completely safe Purifying Mist on your pets, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Basically one can spray Purifying Mist every where. For difficult odors or areas after the first spray allow it to dry and then re-spray, the odor will vanish.


  • It is splendid for getting rid of kitchen and bathroom odors
  • It can be used to freshen up musty or smoky rooms, fabrics, furniture, etc.
  • It can be sprayed on hands to get rid of odors from onions, etc.
  • It can be used to purify counters, baby toys, pets areas, and shoes.
  • It also can be used in cars.



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