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Bones aren't hard, lifeless structures but live tissues that constantly change. You attain your peak bone mass by age 30. There are products, you can use for the well-being of your bones. Osteomate is specifically formulated to provide women, with the unique nutritional requirements. It significantly improves bone health and supports the body to naturally promote an ideal hormonal balance.

The skeletal system is a storehouse of mineral nutrients important for various functions of the body. Bones serve a myriad of functions beyond providing shape and support for the body. The body draws out minerals from our bones according to its needs and similarly re-deposits them when it is able to. While at a younger age, the body deposits more than it withdraws. And as we grow old, the body step by step begins to use more minerals than it can replace. Because of the changes in hormone levels throughout a woman's life, bone mass starts declining at about 35 years of age and accelerates quickly during the 8 to 10 years around the time of menopause. And this results in excessive calcium loss.

Osteomate contains 12 specific vitamins and minerals. This property of Osteomate distinguishes it from all other calcium supplements. These vitamins and minerals blend with its two bioavailable forms of calcium to form healthy bones. Osteomate works in two significant ways. First, it stimulates the action of osteoblasts, cells that generate new bone tissue. Second, it inhibits the action of osteoclasts, cells that break down existing bone tissue. These two processes are beneficial for bone density.

Since bone depletion is not the only health problem of women, Osteomate also constitutes special standardized extracts of some of the world's finest traditional herbs for female: chaste berry, licorice and dong-quai. These exceptional botanicals comprise natural compounds, which help women to maintain optimum hormonal balance. Osteomate is a unique supplement with a comprehensive formula of vitamins, minerals and plant phytoestrogens that provide the nutritional elements, a woman needs to overcome all the changes that her body will undergo at every stage in life.

Osteomate is the first women bone-health supplement to offer isoflavones, extracted from soybean and the Chinese kudzu vine. It solves the difficult problem of calcium tablet disintegration with its exclusive Soyatab technology. Specialized soy fibers called polysaccharides are strategically dispersed throughout the tablet. There they act like little wicks, drawing external moisture into the tablet core. These "wicks" expand with the moisture, allowing the tablet to swell and to rapidly disintegrate for optimum nutrient availability. Osteomate is a complete bone care formula for every woman.

Benefits of Osteomate

  • It promotes bone health with two forms of calcium specially selected for their superior bioavailability.
  • Contains 12 specific vitamins and minerals that blend with calcium to maintain bone health.
  • Its botanical extracts and phytoestrogens help to maintain hormonal balance.
  • This calcium supplement dissolves and gets absorbed quickly.

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