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Nourishing Body Bar

Nourishing Body BarClick Here To Order

Regular cleansing and cleaning of the body is very important. Cleansing and cleaning washes away the dirt, sweat trapped in the pores to allow the skin to breath easily. It also removes the dead cells to make the skin soft and glowing. One generally uses beauty soap available in the market for this process. The outer skin is very sensitive and delicate, so utmost care should be taken not to expose it to harsh chemicals. Regular soaps available in the market are manufactured by the process of mixing and heating oils and lye, to this is added some synthetic fragrance. But the regular soap is not as good as it is professed to be. In fact it does more harm then good.

  • Regular soaps over-cleanse the skin and make it dry, rough, often scaly, and sometimes itchy. The extra lye raises the skin's natural pH level, which in turn depletes the natural moisture. Moistures are the natural barriers that protect the skin, if this barrier is compromised, and then the skin's immune system becomes weak and vulnerable to toxins, pollutants, bacteria, and viruses.
  • The skin also gets affected by the oils, and synthetic fragrances present in most of the soaps. These artificial oils, and fragrances can most of the time infiltrate the skin and create free radicals, including brown spots and irregular pigment. The free radicals speed up aging, weaken skin health and vibrancy, and make the skin vulnerable to sun damage.
  • Toxic ingredients can cause a huge damage to the skin, especially after they penetrate, and gather in the body. Much soap are treated with chemicals to increase their shelf life, some chemicals are known to be carcinogens. Moreover the lye that is usually used to make soap is sodium hydroxide, a risky ingredient that is so strong that, it is used in drain cleaners.

There is a better alternative to regular bathing soap. FreeLife's offers a luxurious, non-soap Nourishing Body Bar with 100% fruits and vegetables extract. This French-milled bar makes the skin feel softer, and healthier than ever before. The huge non-soap bar is altogether different from and superior to regular soaps. The non-soap bar contains fruit and vegetable extract, which cleanses the body without depleting its natural oil or moisture, hence the immune system does not get compromised, and in fact it gets optimized. As it is 100% natural, it does not contain rancid oils and synthetic fragrances. The oils used to make non-soap Nourishing Body Bar come fresh from plants. The bar has16 times more natural glycerin than most bar soaps, and also contains olive oil, grape seed oil, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), BGSE, and other organically pure essential oils. These natural ingredients nurture the skin, renew its moisture balance, and fortify the immune system. The bar does not contain any chemicals or synthetic fragrance, so it is ideal for the whole family, even for babies.

Nourishing Body Bar Contains;

  • 100% fresh fruit and natural vegetation.
  • Up to 16 times more natural glycerin than other soaps.
  • Consistent pH and moisture levels.
  • No rancid oils, chemicals, or synthetic fragrance.
  • Consistency and hardness from being French-milled.
  • A refreshing lavender/grapefruit aromatherapy.

Always consult your health care professional before taking any nutritional supplement.

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